Author: Styled by Valorie Hart

New Build of the Year

  Every age experiences progress. Older buildings fall into disrepair and are replaced with something new. Visionary thinkers want to brush away the cobwebs of staid ideas. Trends are constantly changing, updating as fast as an app on a smartphone.…

Caftans & Cocktails

The Menu The Cocktails: Shochu Sunset & The Sweet Dream The Food: Spicy Shrimp Deviled Eggs Lemongrass Sausage Meatballs with Sambal Glaze Vegetable Cutlet with Tomato Chutney Thai Chicken and Glass Noodle Salad in Lettuce Cups Grilled Pineapple with Banana…

Atlantis Found

    New Orleans is a place of water. Lakes and bayous surround it, and its geography is defined by the Mississippi River. A vision made liquid by the chimera of a summer day, the air thick with moisture…

A Whiter Shade of Pale

The homeowners are well versed in decorating and designing using a palette of every hue and shade of white imaginable. The artwork next to the armoire in the living room is by Tony Mose. The mirror front armoire is from…

lush life

Lounging poolside in New Orleans never looked so good

No Reservations

Consider a festive restaurant party with all of the trimmings for your next hosted gathering

Middle Ground

Transforming a double shotgun into a high-functioning live-and-work space

In Transition

A timeworn Irish Channel cottage is polished to perfection

Summer Brunch

Louisiana cuisine offers so many delightful dishes that are perfect to serve for brunch, and many can be served room-temperature. A whole theme can be created around what we love about the state, from the menu to the table setting.…

A Inspired Blend

Old World, vintage and modern influences shine in a French Quarter townhouse.


Melanie and Mickey Loomis turned to designer Shaun Smith for their chateau-inspired house.

Luxe Life

Dianna Knost’s Bohemian carriage house

Backyard Living

There are at least one or two hard freezes every winter in New Orleans, followed by days and days of spring rainstorms with lots of wind and sometimes hail. As spring segues into summer, a major citywide cleanup by homeowners…

Renovation of the Year

The same Irish Channel family owned a grand-looking Creole cottage for years – the last family member to live there was 90. The house had become glorious in its decrepitude, one of those decadent wrecks so beloved in New Orleans.…

Backyard Bliss

New Orleans is blessed with many months of nice weather, and New Orleanians absolutely love their outdoor spaces. Most homes have a porch, front or back, or a patio in a yard or courtyard. Pools are perfect for the long…

A house made for Summer

With abundant outdoor space, Chris and Shane Guidry can take full advantage of the warmer seasons.