Author: Will Kalec

Les personnes: That New Old Sound

Any lingering doubt on whether Zydeco frontman Wayne Singleton lives his lyrics — timeless verses about sweating through the daily toils of farm work and sweating even harder on the dance floor when the sun goes down and the stage…

Les artistes: Lost History Found on Four Legs

For Marshall Blevins — the brains behind the brush of the captivating Church Goin’ Mule painting series — geography was the mother of invention. “I actually started drawing mules in college, because when you go to school in Kentucky, people…

Les Artistes: Drawn to Story

For artist Denise Gallagher, whose professional career has pretty much been a fairytale while drawing and writing fairytales, this standalone exhibit of her children’s literature illustrations at the Hilliard Museum could be considered her storybook finish, her happy ending —…

Les Personnes: Keep on Truckin'

Little do Lake Charles lunchers know the reason there’s sauce on the side of your face and napkins pinned under your thighs to keep them from blowing away in the wind is because a loving mother underestimated the spoken capabilities…

Les artistes: Lightbulb Moment

Now that the tables have turned, and the spotlight beams down on the man who made his mark pointing it at others so that they may shine, Lafayette transplant Brian Schneider punts on the notion of calling himself an artist…even…

Les personnes: If You Braise It, They Will Come

As far as Acadiana culinary destinations go, Café Josephine isn’t the easiest to find. So for the directionally-challenged who get lost along the way, just use the giant Town of Sunset water tower as a paint-peeling North Star and follow…

Les artistes: Full Circle

Not to sound cool or like some annoying hipster talking about an Indie band “you’ve probably never heard of,” but Kody Chamberlain festivaled at Festival International before it was the hugely attended event it is today. Back then (1991, to…

Les personnes: Sixty-third Verse, Same as the First

Nowadays when it comes to local music legend T.K. Hulin, it seems all anybody wants to ask about or write about is his age – a footnote as rude as it is irrelevant. “People wonder when I’m gonna stop but,…

Les Personnes: 'To the Grouse'

The live music — be it Rock ‘n’ Roll, Cajun/Zydeco or country — reverberates off the room’s Hefner-chic décor of dark woods and dark leathers as men in collars and women in labels sip dark liquor underneath the forgiving dim…

Les Artistes: Paint the Town

The curious and critical bunch across the street at Ruby’s Cafe watched the girl in the scissor lift painting the exterior wall with skepticism. But as days turned to weeks and weeks to a full month, “What’s she doing?” gave…

Here's the Catch

Down here, fishing the fertile inland waters and the bountiful Gulf of Mexico for sustenance and a salary has been a way of life for as long as anyone can remember It’s not just what the fishermen do. It’s who they are.…

Les artistes: Don't Worry, Paint Happy

When it comes to art, explanation of inspiration is often insufferable. The mere mention of the word serves as a launching pad for lengthy dialogue, for waxing poetic, for overusing commas and avoiding periods, an excuse to put the torn-off…

Les personnes: Without Reservations

No, this isn’t anything like Monopoly, Lesa James-Lloyd clarifies. Owning a hotel – especially one as historic and woven into the fabric of downtown Lafayette as The Juliet Hotel on Jefferson Street – isn’t a game. Although, upon further contemplation,…

Hospitals: Community Care

Medicine is big business. In fact, more people work in the healthcare industry in Louisiana than any other industry. That’s more than the energy, the financial and the agricultural sectors combined. According to a joint economic impact study conducted by…

Painting with a Purpose

Inspiration doesn’t keep bankers’ hours. It’s far too fickle for that. No, inspiration comes rushing in when the rest of the world sits still. At least it does for Lafayette artist Dana Manly, anyway. To her, a celebrated painter in…

The Beat Goes On

It’s Saturday ­— a football Saturday — in Acadiana, a region like many in the South where the sport is equal parts game and gospel. Kickoff is just a few hours away, meaning there’s even less time than that until…

Pottery: A Love Story

Emily and David Wortman create a tourist destination of their out-of-the-way pottery store in Duson

Special Delivery

Tyler Benoit of Darrell’s in Lake Charles is third-generation gatekeeper of iconic sandwich 


Lafayette chef Paul Ayo’s new bacon-themed eatery, Avec Bacon Café, is innovative both in concept and execution

Lynda Frese

Former UL professor takes a 40-year look in the rearview mirror, while also looking ahead


New Iberia’s Colby Hebert combines a love of performing, costumes and culture to fit perfectly atop your head

Community of the Year

Breaux Bridge remains authentically Cajun with a thriving art scene, innovation and small town charm

Forging Ahead

In a saturated art scene, Lafayette artist Sam Riehl stands out as a blacksmith

Chairman of the boards

Tee Don Landry of Key of Z Rubboards in Sunset shapes the sound of Zydeco music one instrument at a time


A post-operation infection from pediatric bone cancer cost New Orleanian Ford Sutter his right leg, but it hasn’t prevented him from moving on

Catch her if you can

The need for speed sprouted in Lafayette race car driver Sarah Montgomery at an early age


Person of the Year Nic Hunter The night before Nic Hunter was sworn in as Lake Charles’ first new mayor in 17 years, he and his wife stayed in and play board games. Monopoly and Scattergories, specifically. Nic got crushed…


McNeese State assistant coach Kerry Joseph begins a new chapter in life