As a double board-certified plastic surgeon in New Orleans specializing in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Suma Maddox offers a nurturing and feminine approach to plastic surgery, which distinguishes her from her peers.

Being a woman and mother of three, Dr. Maddox is uniquely positioned to understand and empathize with her patients’ concerns, fostering a judgment-free space for clients to explore their desire for self-improvement.

Her patients experience a doctor-client interaction that is atypical in the industry, one which shifts power back into the client’s hands.

By focusing on themselves in a comforting environment her clients are empowered to acknowledge what they desire to see and discover ways to elevate their details while staying true to themselves.

Whether cosmetic or surgical, structural, or surface level, Dr. Maddox helps you articulate the changes in yourself you would like to see, and then creates these changes safely and carefully.

Dr. Suma Maddox

Hedgewood | Aesthetic Surgery 

1603 Second St, Floor 3, New Orleans