Avery McLoughlin – Beauregard Lewis Bassich

Avery McLoughlin married Beauregard Lewis Bassich on September 22, 1951 at Marsh House on Avery Island at Avery’s family home.

Beau and Avery met playing football in Audubon Park after a fabulous debutante party held at a home on Exposition Boulevard. They had a few “Please Escorts” after that to more debut parties and that was it! Beau asked Avery’s father for her hand and his response was “Well, where will you live?” Beau had already bought a proper house that just needed a “little remodeling;” Mr. McLaughlin definitely approved.

Avery was married the day after her 21st birthday at 5p.m. Most of the 250 guests traveled from New Orleans and stayed with friends or in the one motel in town. Father Joseph Beauregard Bassich S.J., Beau’s uncle for whom he was named, officiated, and Avery’s Episcopal minister, Cannon Turner, gave a closing prayer.

It was a holy day of obligation so everyone was “to fast.” Father Bassich had to get special dispensation so guests could feast on fried oyster, boiled shrimp, crabmeat and, of course, wedding cake! The cake, by Beulah Ledner, arrived by car from New Orleans in perfect shape.

Avery’s mother planned all of the details and the flowers mostly came from the island – gardenias cascaded around the indoor altar, accented with roses. Avery carried an orchid bouquet while her bridesmaids carried bouquets of cascading spider mums that accented their key lime dresses.

The only tent Avery’s Mom could procure came from the funeral home, so she climbed a ladder and covered up the name with smilax and gardenias. Avery wore one of her debut dresses to which dressmaker Olive Dodie added tulle studded with white flowers. She also wore “The Buckner Lace” veil that had been in her family for generations. As the priest was ready to marry them under the famous Oak Tree, the heavens opened up with rain and thunder. Everyone rushed in to Marsh House where the wedding took place. They danced and greeted their guests, finally leaving for their honeymoon at 9:30 p.m.

 They were off to Acapulco, Mexico for their honeymoon and a wonderful life together.

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