Your bestie has gone bridal and you have landed the gig as maid of honor. Your goal is to create a bachelorette and shower experience that will have the other members of the bride tribe instagramming and hashtagging until they break the internet. One darling idea to help set a festive tone? Incorporate a mix of cocktail and champagne inspired favors for guests to indulge in — and in some cases — wear.

Pass on the suggestive straws and sassy sashes and instead greet guests with a chic champagne inspired headband, suggests Corrie Pellerin, co-founder of the newly launched design and event planning company Something Pretty. “We are a generation and a city where everything is a moment for a costume and a bachelorette should be the same,” said Pellerin who, with business partner Erin Higgins, handcrafts headpieces and accessories with see-through ornaments like floating pearls, mini disco balls and antique glitter. “Your favors set the tone for the event and you want people to walk in and instantly be put in a great mood.”

One surefire way to get the party rolling — the chambong. Sheila Tahvildari, director of food and beverage at QED Hospitality Group, says this party is favor a favorite with parties at Jack Rose in the Pontchartrain Hotel. “The chambong is a bonding experience in and of itself,” said Tahvildari, who notes the very instagrammable nature of the fancy funnel. “They are a little unexpected and outside of the norm! We’ve inspired many a bride to give them as gifts — some bridal parties even personalize them. It always gets people talking and laughing at the inevitable spills.”

For a sweet treat in between sips, Pastry Chef Beth Biundo of Beth Biundo Sweets, has created unexpected booze-inspired dessert concepts. “With Pinterest and Instagram, people tend to see the same designs over and over,” said Biundo.

For a giddy surprise, she suggests little individual bourbon milk punch ice cream sandwiches. “Everyone loves an ice cream sandwich, especially a sophisticated cocktail inspired one,” said Biundo. “They can be packaged individually with a cute sticker or label. Customization makes everything more personal.”

New Orleans is notorious for being a destination wedding location, and Quinn Richard, owner of Cocktail+Creative, created a way for the traveling attendee to get in on the fun, even at 30,000 feet, with his airplane-friendly house-made syrups and elixirs.

“These go over really well to keep the party going,” said Richard, who puts syrups like lemon tarragon and hibiscus berry into 2-ounce French square bottles capped with a wax seal. “All you have to do is order a sparkling or a vodka and you’ve got a do-it-yourself infusion right there on the plane.”

He also bottles elixirs like strawberry peppercorn and cantaloupe mint for an herbaceous mix that is as pretty as it is handy as a bar-on-the-go. “If your guests don’t get to them that night or at the hotel, they are cute and small enough to put in a purse and carry on the flight home.”