Like eggs and avocados, the price and demand for bachelorette trips is on the rise again since the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns began three years ago.

Recently, BACH, a planning app and online marketplace for bachelorette trips, released its 2023 trend report. From average cost to where wedding parties are traveling, BACH’s report covered pretty much every aspect of bachelorette parties.

The first, more notable part for us was the ranking of cities and their popularity for trips. New Orleans, which we naturally believe is a top vacation destination, ranked 7th out of 17 cities noted in the report, with Nashville ranking number 1 among BACH users planning trips. Following Nashville was Scottsdale, then Las Vegas, Miami, Austin and Charleston.

Another notable finding was that over half of BACH users reported they are attending two or more bachelorette trips this year, with 60 percent attending two or more group trips this year. Kelly here: This one hits home because in a calendar year (from 2021 to 2022) I attended three bachelorette trips, going back to Austin twice. My bank account said, “oy vey!”

On the monetary note, BACH saw that individuals are spending, on average, $1,200 per trip and about $10,800 in total for a group. However, it was also noted that groups are opting to spend more on experiences at their destination than on accommodations. BACH reported that groups are spending $50-100 less per person on lodging, and $100 more on experiences.

Experiences were said to be the most important part of a trip, with drag queen-related events on the rise, as well as boozy brunches and dinners, as well as party busses.

In a press release about the report, BACH noted that “Party buses and boats (including pontoons, yachts and floating tiki bars), male revue shows, bride-to-be pampering services such as cabana boys and butlers, in-home massages and private salon facial parties” were the most popular group experiences for bachelorette parties.

New experiences on the rise, as noted by BACH, are “Private permanent jewelry parties, boozy beach picnics and professional photographer-led mural tours that provide lasting memories of your trip in the form of high quality snaps of your group of friends.”

With all the things to do, BACH noted planning trends to make sure users are prepared for their trips. About 81 percent of users were traveling by air and half of the users started booking six months out from the trip. Fifty percent of users were planning their experiences 3-4 months out and BACH noted that five percent of users were already planning their 2024 bachelorette trips.

Bachelorette trips are a big part of wedding planning. It’s a time for the bride and her best friends to let their hair down and celebrate a big life milestone. We still think New Orleans should be everyone’s number one destination, but no matter where you’re going we say, “bon voyage!”

To read the full report from the BACH app click here.