Backyard Living

Photographed by Sara Essex Bradley
Weatherproof acrylic chairs and bright pillows give this poolside patio extra pop.

There are at least one or two hard freezes every winter in New Orleans, followed by days and days of spring rainstorms with lots of wind and sometimes hail. As spring segues into summer, a major citywide cleanup by homeowners of their pools, porches, and patios goes on in full force. They replant and refresh gardens, clean their pools, set up outdoor furniture, and New Orleans summer living takes hold for another fabulous season. Here’s a look at how stylish locals carve out outdoor living spaces in an urban setting.



Architect Cordula Roser Gray designed the pool and adjacent deck, applying a simple modernist aesthetic in dialogue with the uniquely Victorian house.

Bobby (lead singer for Bag of Donuts) and Amanda Hoerner added color to their poolside by using a pair of spectacular Japanese maples.

Use indoor/outdoor fabric on your chair cushions to coordinate with the color of your door on the front porch.

Create different seating areas with furniture groupings.

Add tons of potted plants and colorful chairs to your patio or courtyard.

Landscape designer Susie Wrenn uses architectural elements in her garden to create seating areas.

Brian and Emily Huddleston used found objects to accessorize the porch.

Canvas awnings create an outdoor room and bright ceramic garden stools can withstand the weather.

Designer Penny Francis brings high style to a back porch and pool area by using contemporary furnishings.