Bad Bad Hats

Bad Bad Hats

On September 30, The Mynabirds and Bad Bad Hats will roll their tour into Siberia for an early show (6 p.m., they are sharing the space with SHAM 69 later in the evening). While The Mynabirds has established themselves as a force in the indie rock scene, the Bad Bad Hats are just beginning to find their way . I had a chance to talk with singer and principle songwriter Kerry Alexander while the band prepared for their Salt Lake City show. We talked a bit about our shared love of late 90s music, the recent surge of female centric pop and the nature of their live shows.

When I asked Alexander about the role of '90s female vocalists on her writing, she expressed a love of era, especially for groups like Letters to Cleo (a group for which I also share an affinity). She says that the resemblance “comes fairly naturally. More and more I’ve been trying to follow the melody. Just trying to come up with something catchy, lighthearted and upbeat. I feel free to put any lyrics I want into it. I don’t feel confined by a certain mood.” It is the ability to play with the sensibility of this older era of pop without compromising contemporary developments in pop that really makes the Hats’ sound so alluring. Even within the context of the live show, the band is playing with their sound. “The live show is a little bit different than our album. On the record there are some synth touches and piano touches," Alexander says. "We are just two guitars, bass and drums. It’s a short set—a lot of short and sweet indie rock songs—so it’s a happenin time. There are a few tender moments but its mostly rockin.” Whatever the combination, it appears to be working both in terms of the critical reception of the new record and the response of the fans on tour. In Alexander’s words, “It is awesome to see how people are responding to it…sometimes I feel like I’m tamer than I would like to be; but at the end of the day, I have to be true to myself any my style…I just hope that people can be inspired by that.” We are looking forward to sharing a bit of that information on Wednesday night.


Landing Fest

This weekend is the first Landing Fest out at South Shore Harbor. This event is jointly sponsored by Tipitina’s and Galactic. Look for performances by Galactic, Cake, Eagles of Death Metal, Grace Potter, Dr. Dog and Lil Dicky (whose new record is especially good) among others. This is a great chance to see a lot of excellent music. Should be a beautiful weekend for it. Keep an eye here for daily updates.


Diet Cig

Last Thursday Diet Cig came through town for a short but explosive set at Gasa Gasa. The band recruited local groups Val Hollie and Biglemoi to set the stage for them in what would be a night of guitar driven indie pop. For her part, lead signer Alex Luciano is everything that you want her to be on stage. There is a joy inherent in her performance that sweeps through the room. I’m looking forward to seeing what is next for this young group.



To Do This Week

Friday night is the kickoff party for Landing Fest at Tips. The bill starts with Galactic and the Soul Rebels but there is no telling who all will show. If Landing Fest isn’t enough, Wilco will be at the Orpheum Monday night. Wilco is touring on their outstanding new record Star Wars. Wednesday is The Mynabirds and Bad Bad Hats at Siberia.


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