Everybody has them. They’re unavoidable in life, much like your co-worker who says the same thing over and over again each day.

“What’s up? The sky,” and other modern-day hits like that. So it goes.

It was just a short time ago that everything was looking up on the local sports scene but, lo and behold, there’s Larry from Accounting to bring you down to earth again. So, Pelicans, Privateers and Green Wave fret not. We all have bad days and the good thing is that every bad day can be overcome, and if it can’t, at least we still have Jazz Fest.


New Orleans Pelicans

Bad days can be left in the past. Unfortunately, so can the good vibes generated by a first round sweep. The New Orleans Pelicans found that out pretty quickly after having their teeth kicked in by the Golden State Warriors, 123-101. And, as the old cliché goes, the game wasn’t even that close.

There’s losing a game then there is giving up 76 points in the first half. Not unlike paying seven dollars for a can of lukewarm Miller Lite, that just puts a bad taste in one’s mouth. Miller Lite after Miller Lite dropped just like the threes the Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant hit from deep. The Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday couldn’t get the ball into the basket, going 4-for-14 on the night, Rajon Rondo did almost pick up a double double (8 rebounds, 11 assists) but it was all for naught. The Pelicans’ main act, Anthony Davis, looked decidedly mortal, even while going for 21 points and 10 rebounds. What it boils down to is, just like you don’t go into the festival port-o-lets at the end of the day, a team can’t give up 76 points in a half and expect to win. Ever.

The Pelicans try to get their groove back tonight at Oracle Arena against the Golden State Warriors. Tip off is 9:30 p.m.


New Orleans Privateers

I like meat pies. Even before I knew what they were I loved them. How could you not? Just look at the word – meatpie. Meat. Pie.

Anyway, the Privateers (19-27) were living the life of Meat Pie just a few weeks ago when they seemingly turned the corner on the season, fought back to .500 and were poised to make a move on the Southland Conference.

Now the Privateers are just soggy old potato salad without any seasoning.

How quickly the second half of the season has unraveled. Since the Privateers’ last series win over a dreadful Lamar University, the club has gone into a 3-11 tailspin that included getting swept by McNeese State and dropping a series to Incarnate Word, both at Maestri Field. Sure, the Privateers did pick up a quality win over the #20 Texas Longhorns along the way but most real playoff contenders don’t self-destruct in this fashion while heading into the final stretch.

But, hey, it’s not all Rod Stewart. Excuse me, I meant to say bad. There is still hope.

Even with the April swan dive down the standings, UNO still has a clear path to the Southland Conference playoffs – catch Nicholls State. The top seven spots are essentially clinched. Sure, with nine games to go in conference, a LOT can happen but that would likely entail a collapse by a solid Northwestern State club and I don’t see that happening. So, there is likely only one spot up for grabs and that is being fought between the Privateers and Colonels.

Luckily for UNO, they only trail Nicholls State by one game AND play the Colonels in a three-game series. However, before all that, the Privateers will have to go on the road this weekend and battle Houston Baptist.


Tulane Green Wave

Evidently Willie Nelson has a son that played at Jazz Fest this past weekend. His name is something-or-another and my buddy really wanted to check him out. Unfortunately for Son of William, we ran into the Dirty Dozen Brass Band getting down on stage, thus delaying our arrival and missing our chance to see Mr. Bill Nelson’s progeny. Of course, yours truly saved the day by making some Little Willie jokes.

Anyway, this Green Wave baseball team (21-24) continues to miss its chance to make a statement. Right when the team had the opportunity this weekend at UConn to make some pundits sit up and take notice, the team came out flat in the rubber match and lost the series. To make matters worse, Tulane was coming off the team’s most dominant pitching performance of the season, a Keagan Gillies’ complete game gem.

This team won’t miss the conference playoffs but, at this point, they’ll have to win the tournament to get into the NCAA regionals. Tulane is ranked 82 in the RPI, a figure that gets you nowhere fast but their schedule is actually still intriguing in that department. The Green Wave still have tonight’s game at Southern Miss (RPI – 33) and series versus East Carolina (RPI – 17) and Central Florida (RPI – 41) left on the schedule. Point being, that’s a ton of opportunity to boost a team’s RPI but can Tulane take advantage? We’ll see.

I would like to take this moment to say I do not apologize for making fun of Rod Stewart. Thank you! Look for me at Jazz Fest this Sunday. I’ll be the guy wearing shades.


And like a fine wine with a steak dinner, every game should be accompanied by a beverage and song.


Beer Pairing: Not Miller Lite for Seven Dollars

Playlist Recommendation: Rod Stewart – “Forever Young”


Around the Way

Sounds like the New Orleans Saints (0-0) spent the weekend drafting a bunch of backups. Sweet. I guess I’ll go ahead and cancel next year’s Super Bowl coverage. Just kidding, folks.

First, take a chill pill, New Orleans. It’s May, my man, and every team is undefeated.

I do worry about trading away next year’s first round pick and not getting a quarterback to develop but, again, it’s May and all I’m thinking about is watching Jack White this weekend. Who Dat?