Beat the Mardi Gras Bloat

King cake with a side of jambalaya and a frozen cocktail? Why not? It’s Carnival time! But proceed with caution friends, this is no one-night affair. The season is just getting started and we need our tummies in fighting shape if we are to last until Fat Tuesday. But how? Is it possible to participate in such an indulgent revelry without feeling physically uncomfortable-particularly in our bellies? We asked around and were told about a few tips and tricks to help beat the bloat as the parades rage on. The solutions are surprisingly simple. Good luck out there, and remember, Moonpies do expire.  

Pre Game 


If you head out to the route properly hydrated, consider yourself at a tremendous advantage. The more hydrated you are from the start, the less you will rely on salty foods to quench your thirst. In addition to drinking water before leaving the house, try taking the QuintEssential liquid supplement. This liquid promises, with the help of specific minerals, to help cell renewal and contribute to normal muscle and digestive functions. It’s a cult favorite amongst the biohacking community and can be found at Vibrant Market and Raw Republic. Another tastier option is the Watermelon Perfect Amino powder at Vibrant Market. This electrolyte-packed drink claims to rebuild muscle and improve endurance. Let’s go! 

Dress for Success:

Perhaps if we disguise our tummy discomfort and temporarily puffy waistlines, that will do the trick? It’s worth a shot! Meghan, resident expert at Jean Therapy Magazine Street, has a few recommendations to keep you looking and feeling your best. She says, “to avoid feeling too tight around the waistline go for loose and comfortable pants, like the Amo Easy Army Trouser. They are a simple, modern take on the cargo pant. Soft and breathable but still well-structured so you feel pulled in.” Alternatively, she suggests you wear a flattering disguise. “A Citizens of Humanity high rise denim jean like this bootcut pair will keep everything in its place. The fabric is stretchy, so you don’t feel too restricted.” Perfect for a day of eating a drinking!  

Beat the Mardi Gras Bloat

L to R:
Straight Leg Pant, Everlane
Isola Copped Boot Jean, Jean Therapy
Faux Leather Leggings, Bra Genie

Post Game 

Walk it out:

Try and walk as much as possible. According to Healthline, walking after a meal can have a protective effect on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and is also linked to improved blood sugar management. It’s in your best interest to visit that friend in the lower garden district who invites you over every year – even though you always stand on Napoleon. And of course, you must walk with flair. These festive purple, green and gold Mardi Gras sneakers will get you where you need to go in style. 


It might seem like a stretch (pun intended) but you will thank yourself in the morning. Allison Hoffman, co-owner and instructor at Fireflow Yoga, recommends doing several yoga postures when you get home from the parades to increase circulation and digestion. Happy Baby is a great one. In this pose, you begin lying down on your back, bringing your knees into the chest. Take your knees wider towards the shoulders, wrapping both hands around the outer edges of the feet. As both feet are flexed, elbows come to the inside of your knees. As you draw your shoulders closer to the ground, continue to lengthen the spine into the floor. Stay here or rock side to side for five full rounds of breath. Namaste!  

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