A bride-to-be has tons of projects, large and small, to consider. There is the ceremony, the reception, the dress, the food and, of course, the style and décor of it all. But feeling like your best, most put-together self tops the importance of the day you’ve worked so hard to prepare. Self-improvement sometimes takes the form of a quiet night at home, joining a book club or learning something new; other times it means facing those pesky body problems that nag you from the back of your
mind. These skin and exercise strategies will have you prepped in advance for your wedding day and just might change your life.

Life certainly would be different if we didn’t have to waste time shaving our legs. At American Laser Skincare (3223 8th St., Metairie, 887-0727, AmericanLaser.com) you can address concerns ranging from complete laser hair removal to body contouring. Clinic manager Jennifer Cain says the hair removal process can take one to two years to complete but is well worth the patience required. The clinic uses the latest aesthetic technology on site such as eMatrix (which targets acne scarring), VelaShape cellulite reduction, dermafillers and Botox injections. Given the dryness of the season, Cain recommends four to five skin rejuvenation treatments over a six-month time period to ensure that your skin looks its healthiest.

Once your skin is primed, Tisa Beauty Bar (5421 Magazine St., 891-8992) is your one-stop beauty spot. Her shop offers look consultations and on-location makeup application as well as application lessons, brow shaping, and – especially appealing before the sun heats things up – airbrush tanning. Tisa Camet mixes the color to your preference, adding radiant hues and rich tones until you are your perfect blend of tan. To enhance the quality of your color and increase its duration, Camet suggests using a “body-peel exfoliant first,” which she sells in her store, along with all the makeup she’ll use on you. “These products are non-oily and help your skin glow because the tan adheres to exfoliated skin better than it does skin that hasn’t been treated.” This treat will last five to seven days and won’t bust your budget. Full-body tanning, including face, costs well under $100.

Since you have a plan for your skin, let’s get that exercise routine in shape! Crescent City Boot Camp (944-0927, NolaBC.com) is an acclaimed, citywide weight-loss program aimed at changing lifestyles by creating permanent healthy habits. While that may sound like a challenging feat for many brides, the encouragement provided by a group setting and by trainer Spencer Anderson guarantees to have you looking fit in four short weeks. Anderson’s mission is to “give you a mind-blowing workout that does more than the daily gym routine … [and is] tailored around your fitness goals.” Beyond a Monday through Friday workout regimen, there are daily health tips, a specific nutritional plan that instructs you on what to eat and when to eat it and advice about supplements. Results are expected in all areas of the body; average success statistics include four to 12 pounds of weight loss and three to nine percent loss of body fat. Now that’s “thinspiration.”

With a toned body and healthy, glowing skin, you’ll look stunning and feel that way, too.