Beauty: The Natural Facelift

Inge Theron visited 57 spas, sweated through 32 types of fitness classes, experimented with 25 anti-aging treatments and endured 15 detoxes, all for her column, “Chronicles of a Spa Junkie,” in the Financial Times. After finding herself housebound from an anti-aging procedure, Theron decided to invent her own, non invasive “facelift” — The “workout” by FaceGym. This is not a facial. It is a workout for the face which tones up the 40 muscles which provide “the scaffolding for your face,” as Theron puts it.  

Just as we work out our bodies in the gym to achieve tone and lift, this procedure uses deep tissue massage techniques and non-invasive machines to sculpt and elevate the muscles in your face to create a firmer, fresher appearance.  

The signature workout consists of warm up, cardio, sculpt and cool down and is performed by “trainers” in the FaceGym studio, which just opened in Saks New York in May. Saks is the first American “gym” for the UK-based brand, but more studios are planned throughout the U.S.

During your workout, you can add a Skin IV and a Skin Cocktail or Shot which uses traditional hospital intravenous drips to deliver medical grade vitamins at super speed directly to the skin. The cocktails and shots can include hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B5, C and E as well as aloe vera.

Until more FaceGyms open across the country, you can use the company’s website for online tutorials which teach the same techniques to use at home. Many of the tools which the “trainers” use are also available for sale including the “Face Ball,” “Derma Roller” and “Pure Lift Device.” Techniques you need to master range from “knuckling” from your jaw to cheeks to forehead to pinching your face all over in short, sharp motions.  

As well as toning your muscles, the rollers  increase the effectiveness of the products you use.  By massaging your lotions and potions into your skin, the active ingredients will go deeper.

In store, FaceGym has “The Make It Bar” where they will create a customized “training serum” specific for your skin and the facial workout that you choose.  Every serum includes the “Muscle Blend” which contains six skin “superfoods” well known for skin benefits. Online you can choose from the “Signature Training Serum” or opt for ones specifically formulated to clear or brighten skin. The Wedding Workout recommends four workouts in four weeks. The first one focuses on stimulating and contouring cheekbones, jawline and forehead. The second targets puffiness boosting collagen and the skin’s elasticity so skin appears tight and bright. The third workout delivers maximum lifting and sculpting and the final one is said to leave your skin toned and glowing. The effect on your face is instant; after 30 minutes of various massaging techniques, your face appears lifted. The results only last a few days but just like the rest of our bodies, the more face training we do, the longer lasting results we will see.

FaceGym is not the only brand offering natural anti-aging options.  Some facialists, such as Carolyn Cleaves, creator of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, are teaching men simple exercises to help them maintain a strong jawline and smooth forehead.
Is this the new couple’s massage or are you going to keep your youthful secrets to yourself?


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