Belinda Belk Costanzo


Belinda Belk Costanzo, owner of Blue Gardenia Events, sums up beautifully what makes her unique in her field:
 “As a former attorney and wedding planner, I am no stranger to delicate and demanding situations. Situations that call for a graceful strength that only a Southern woman, born and bred, can bring to the table. I owe this strength
 to a long line of Southern women – all of the women in my family who have taught me to be resilient, to be kind, to listen and to take action.” Event planning definitely requires action, as well as organization and hard work. But what sets Belinda apart is her passion and dedication to creating celebrations filled with moments designed to leave long-lasting impressions, for creating memories
to last a lifetime.



*Clothing From Saks Fifth Avenue: Dolce & Gabbana