Tech Smart

The Dyson brand is well-known for its clean, modern designs that pack a tech-smart punch, and the Pure Cool TP01 purifying fan is no exception. Not only does this sleek oscillating tower fan cool down a room, but also it features a filtration system with activated carbon and HEPA to capture pollen, dander, dust and other pollutants. Plus, its no-blade technology makes it a safe option for both adult and children’s rooms. Available in white/silver, iron/silver and black/nickel finishes.





Mod Chic

The Vornado VFAN Vintage fan is a reprise of the company’s classic 1945 design. It features three speeds, sturdy metal construction and sleek retro appeal. Available in jade green or vintage white, the VFAN is the perfect fit for home office, bedside or living room cooling.





Classic Elegance

The Silver Swan Alchemy Table Fan by Vornado is perhaps the sleekest model on the market. Reminiscent of old Hollywood glam décor, it features all metal construction, oscillates to cool an entire room and has three-speed controls. This is a fan that will quickly become part of an interior’s design in addition to cooling a space.





Luxe Box

The Blueair Blue Pure Fan is a modern model that does way more than just look good. This petite fan removes more than 99 percent of dust and pollen from a room in less than 20 minutes, plus cools within a 90 degree radius without the need for oscillation. It comes with a washable fabric pre-filter designed to be easy to clean, and has three speeds to provide multiple levels of white noise — optimal for sound sleeping. Its versatile, lightweight size and handle also allows it to easily be placed on multiple surfaces, from bedside table to desk or floor.