How To Be The Best Bridesmaid

Tips for being an A-plus attendant


If you are in a wedding in the near future or ever anticipate being in one, you might wonder how as a bridesmaid you can be prepared for the Big Day. Not only that, but also how can you refrain from adding stress to what is likely an already anxiety-filled time for the bride or couple. We recently saw a tips list of how not to become a bridesmaidzilla that included “don’t say anything mean about the bride” and “don’t be a diva.” Rather than focus on the negatives, tips that you’d think are understood, or bridesmaid “don’ts,” we decided to put a positive spin on it.

Kelly here: I’m in a wedding this weekend and have been thinking a lot about what to do to prepare, so here are a few more optimistic tips for bridesmaids.


First, make a checklist. You never know what can happen and life always gets in the way. (Kelly here: I had COVID-19 the week after Christmas and then emergency back surgery the following week, this put a wrench into all of my preparation, which now have to be crammed into the week before the wedding. If that’s not life getting in the way, I don’t know what is.)

A checklist can help keep everything on track and allow you to see what else you have to do before your friend or loved one’s Big Day.


Schedule all appointments ahead of time to ensure you get the appointment times you want or need. When you call (or text) your hairdresser or nail person ahead of time, you can ensure you will get the right day you need in enough time before the wedding. Kelly here: For me, for example, I needed to make sure to schedule my nail appointment before my spray tan appointment, as not wanting to mess up my tan around my hands.

Appointments to remember to schedule:

  • Hair – whether you need to just get a trim or the full cut and color
  • Nails – remember to ask the bride if she has any specific colors or if she’d prefer neutral or if you can have any color.
  • Waxing – eyebrows and more intimate areas, if that’s your thing
  • Facials, dermaplanning, and so forth – depending on how your skin reacts, you want to schedule these in enough time for your face to heal before the wedding
  • Tan – if you’re like us, sometimes your skin is just a little too translucent. You want to schedule your spray tan appointment in enough time to appropriately shower and maintain the tan before putting your important dress on!
  • Dress – speaking of the dress, do you need to get your dress altered? Make sure you schedule your appointment in enough time to have another appointment if there are additional alterations.


Ask if you can do or bring anything the day of to help the bride. When you’re a bridal attendant, the point is you are there to support the couple saying, “I Do.” Ask the bride if there is anything you can do to make her day better. Kelly here: for example, I’ve offered to pick up coffee for the bride, bridesmaids and family members that are getting ready with the bride the morning of the wedding. This takes that task off the other people involved and allows everyone to get to the preparation site on time, giving the bride one less thing to worry about!


Be present and have fun. This is someone you care about and they are experiencing a major life moment. Be happy for the couple no matter what the situation. Forget about the trivial stuff and raise a glass in celebration!


These tips may also seem simple and understood, but whether you are a first-time bridesmaid or all-pro, a refresher never hurts. Weddings can be stressful, yes, but they should also always involve joy and celebration.



*This post was originally published January 2022.



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