The Best Dentists in New Orleans

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A. Margarita Sáenz - The Perio Clinic

Alika K. F. Yu - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Allen N. Sawyer - Sawyer Endodontics

Amy S. Sawyer - Sawyer Orthodontics

Anthony A. Indovina

Arthur W. Dickerson II - Endodontic Associates

Aukena P. Long - Family Dental Center of New Orleans

Aymee Costales-Spindler - Periodontal Health Specialists

Barton C. Barré - Barré Dental Care

Ben A. Almerico - Almerico Oral & Maxillofacial

Brian D. Connell - Connell Family Dentistry

Brian J. Olivier - Olivier Orthodontics

Bridget A. Brahney

Britney Beard - Fremaux Dental Care

Bryan P. Bohning - Bohning Endodontics

C. Bradley Dickerson - Pontchartrain Oral Surgery

Caesar Sweidan - Saint Tammany Periodontics & Implants

Catherine A. Hebert - Endodontic Center

Celeste A. Block - Old Metairie Orthodontics

Charles A. Haydel

Charles B. Foy, Jr.

Charles M. Jouandot - Jefferson Dental Care

Charles O. Roy - Northshore Endodontics

Charles P. Silvia, Jr. - Southern Oral Surgery

Charles T. McCabe

Chelsea Accardo - Accardo Endodontics

Cherie P. LeSaicherre

Christen M. Massey

Claudia A. Cavallino - New Orleans Childrens Dental Center

Corky Willhite - The Smile Design Center

Cyrous Ardalan - Crescent City Endodontics

Dale J. Misiek - Oral Surgery Services

Damon J. DiMarco - DiMarco Dental

Daniel B Harris - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Associates

Daniel P. Bordes

Daniela Eversgerd - Allure Dental

Darrell P. Bourg, Jr. - Exceptional Dental

Darren Miller - Miller Orthodontics

David J. Toca

David V. Scaffidi - Scaffidi Orthodontics

David Wilson - Periodontal Health Specialists

Debra C. Arnold

Demarcus D. Smith IV - Oral Surgery Services

Denice L. Derbes

Dennis R. Preau

Dominick J. Alongi - Northlake Endodontics & Microsurgery

Donald P. Bennett

Donna A. Palmisano

Dov Glazer

Duane P. Delaune - Delaune Dental, the Art of Smiles

Edmund M. Ring - Lakeshore Family Dentistry

Edward E. Levy III

Elizabeth A. Thorson - Thorson Dentistry for Kids

Elizabeth E. Riggs - Elizabeth Riggs Dentistry

Eric C. Hebert - Dental Implants and Periodontics of Louisiana

Erin L. Katz - Smile Uptown

Eugene R. Graff, Jr. - Louisiana Dental Center

Eva L. Jessup - Clearview Dental Care

Frank G. Martello

Frederick H. Gruezke

G. Bradley Gottsegen - Gottsegen Orthodontics

Gabriel F. Daroca III

Gabrielle M. Richard - Dental Arts of New Orleans

Garrett B. Morris - Endodontic Specialists

Garry S. Salvaggio - Salvaggio Dental Care

George H. Arch, Jr. - Uptown Endodontics and Implantology

George P. Cerniglia

George T. Comeaux, Jr.

Gerald H. Evans - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Gizelle P. Richard - Dental Arts of New Orleans

Glen J. Corcoran

Greer C. Reisig - Schwartz Dental Group

Guy G. Cresson - Bucktown Dental Care

Hector R. Maldonado - Maldonado Orthodontics

Hisham F. Nasr - The Perio Clinic

Hugh Bullard - Just Kids Dental

Hugo Saint Hilaire - New Orleans Craniofacial

Hunter L. Charvet, Sr. - Charvet Dental Center

Israel M. Finger - More Smiles Dental Spa

J. Jared Harmon - Lakeshore Endodontics

Jacob C. McInnis - Exceptional Dental

James A. Campo - Campo Dentistry

James D. Roethele - Roethele Dental Esthetics

James Nelson - Nelson Dental Care

Jamie L. Toso-Miner - Toso Orthodontics

Jason Alvarez - Beau Sourire Family Dentistry

Jay C. Dumas - Dumas Family Dentistry

Jene' C. Ponder

Jessica Tingstrom-Suarez - Metairie Modern Dentistry

Jill M. Donaldson - Bippo's Place for Smiles

Jill Truxillo - Beautiful Smiles

Joel E. Burvant - Burvant Family Dentistry

John C. Schwartz - Schwartz Dental Group

John H. Moffatt, Jr. - Moffatt & Walsh

John J. Killeen, Jr. - Slidell Smiles

Jonathan X. Esquivel - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Joseph F. Fitzpatrick

Joseph M. Campo

Joseph P. Simone II

Joshua J. Jones - Jones Orthodontics

Julia P. Trieu - Trieu Smiles

Katherine E. Vo - The Children's Dental Cottage

Kathleen G. Engel

Kay D. Daniel - Explore Orthodontics

Kellie S. Axelrad - New Orleans Childrens Dental Center

Kendall P. Parker - Parker Dental Center

Kerry T. Plaisance, Jr. - De Jong and Plaisance Family Dentistry

Kim M. Tolar - Tolar Family Dentistry

Kirk E. Melton

Kitrina G. Cordell - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Kristi M. Soileau

Kristie L. Reine - Lakeshore Family Dentistry

Kristopher P. Rappold - Audubon Dental Group

Kurt C. Launey

Larry A. Wise

Lauren S. Vedros - Northlake Endodontics & Microsurgery

Laurie F. Moeller - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Laurie L. Fricke

Leeann S. Evans - Evans + Frampton Orthodontics

Leslie P. Gottsegen

Linda T. Cao - Smile Bright Pediatric Dental Care

Lisa P. Germain - Uptown Endodontics and Implantology

Lisa Wyatt - Metairie Village Dentistry

Louis Passauer, Jr.

Luis E. Infante - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Maria R. Burmaster - Barataria Dental

Mark D. Anderson - Mid-City Smiles Family Dentistry

Mark S. Chaney

Martha A. Carr - MAC Family Dentistry

Mary A. Beilman

Melissa G. Tom - Uptown Dental

Melissa H. Pellegrini - Miles of Smiles

Michael B. Smith

Michael G. Adams

Michael G. Ferguson - Oral Surgery Services

Michael J. Appleton - Oak Harbor Family Dentistry

Michael J. Guevara - Slidell Orthodontics

Michael J. Von Gruben - Pediatric Dentistry

Michael N. Rouhana - Westside Dental Group

Michael S. Block - The Center for Dental Reconstruction

Michael Tufton - Tufton Family Dentistry

Michael W. Gallagher - Gallagher Family Dentistry

Michele M. Leggio-Putnam - Leggio Dental Group

Mohammed Ismail - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Associates

Molly S. Rosebush - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Myrna L. ColladoTorres

Nathan A. Burns - Great Big Smiles

Nathan R. Brown - Northlake Oral & Facial Surgery

Nicole R. Boxberger - New Orleans Children Dental Center

Paul C. Armbruster - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Paul C. Perez - Avenue Family Dentistry

Paul E. Dugas

Peter M. Tufton - Tufton Family Dentistry

Philip J. Puneky - Puneky Orthodontics

R. Glen Spell - Family Dental Center

Randall M. Wilk - NOLA Surgical Specialists

Ray Lim - Cresent City Oral Surgery

Raymond L. Poirrier III - Three Rivers Family Dentistry

Rebecca Payne - Northshore Orthodontics

Richard D. Olinde - Hammond Pediatric Dentistry

Robert A. Camenzuli - Camenzuli Dental Excellence

Robert E. Lane - Southern Oral Surgery

Robert J. Rooney II - Slidell Dental Implants

Rodney J. Isolani - Isolani Endodontics

Roger A. Vitter

Roy J. Delatte, Jr.

Russell J. Cresson

Ryan M. Thibodaux - Storyville Dentistry

Sammy Tom - Uptown Dental

Dr. Sammy Tom was born and raised in New Orleans. After graduation from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Tom went on to receive a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in 2002.  Dr. Tom is an active member of the American Dental Association, Louisiana Dental Association, and New Orleans Dental Association. Dr. Tom teaches part time at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in the department of Comprehensive Dentistry.  He has also taken hundreds of hours on continuing education to stay on top of the latest advancements in dentistry.  He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family, and is a huge fan of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans.  Who Dat!!!

Sammmy Tom Dentistry

Sarita N. Hithe - Hithe Orthodontics

Scott E. Bonson - Endodontic Associates

Shannon K. Simons

Shannon O. Doyle - More Smiles Dental Spa

Shelly Ereth-Barone - GNO Dental Care

Shira R. Glazer - Glazer Family Dentistry

Stan P. Cowley III - Cowley Dental Care

Stan P. Cowley, Jr. - Cowley Dental Care

Stephen J. Tomaszewski - Camellia City Family Dentistry

Stuart J. Guey, Jr.

Sue C. LeBlanc - Hammond Family Dentistry

Susan S. Lebon

Suzanne E. Fournier - Children's Hospital New Orleans

Terry F. Fugetta

Tessa M. Smith - Bippo's Place for Smiles

Thomas F. McCoy III

Thomas H. Wingo, Jr. - Hammond Pediatric Dentistry

Thomas W. Mabry

Timothy J. Delcambre

Toby B. Moffatt

Todd S. Brasuell

Tracy M. Crear - Smiling Faces Family Dentistry

Troy L. Patterson - Oak Family Dental

W. Keith DeJong - De Jong-Plaisance Family Dentistry

Wallace G. Serpas III - CBD Dental Care

Walter C. Jackson - Jackson Oral Surgery

Warren J. Palmisano III

Wendy M. Maes - New Orleans Dental Center

William R. Ledoux

William R. Yeadon - Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Wynn Kapit

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