Weddings, like people, come in all different shapes, sizes and personalities. A wedding reflects the best aspects of a couple. It shows their personalities while conveying style and an energy felt by all those who share in their experience.

Because weddings span a vast array of styles, the wedding of a Southern couple from Georgia might take place the same day as a wedding of an eclectic couple from San Francisco, but both will be their own and, most likely, completely opposite from each other. In response to this individuality, it is important for guests of such gatherings to dress accordingly. Not only is it appropriate, it shows the respect the spectator has for the couple they are celebrating.

There are a few ways to assure you will be looking your best at any wedding celebration.

  1. Look up the location or venue of the event. Is it at a fancy restaurant in town or a backyard for a barbecue? If it is a restaurant or location you are not familiar with, looking up the area of town and some images of the structure will tell you a lot about the vibe and feel of the area.
  2. Be mindful of the time of year. Cocktail attire for spring will not be the same as cocktail attire for the fall. Know your season and weather and be mindful of such.
  3. Make inquiries. It is okay to ask the appropriate attire for an event if it is not specified on the invitation. It’s better to question than to assume attire and be incorrect.



This article originally ran in our February 2016 issue.