We end the year as we have for the past several years, looking at the topic that, surveys show, concerns our readers the most: Dining. In New Orleans the restaurant scene has been dizzying with new places, new faces, adventurous dishes and occasional dropouts. Our choices are all based on merit and made by a committee consisting of our food writers and editorial staff. In some categories the choice was obvious; in others the pick could have gone in several directions. In all cases the city is enriched by what is available.

Should auld acquaintances be forgotten – indeed! Our “Honor Roll” and “Under the Radar” picks honor places that have been around and need to be remembered, Even what’s old is sometimes new: Tujaque’s went through a makeover and Brennan’s, under new management but within the same extended family, is back. Among the very newest, they will not be that way for long because other ventures are preparing to open in the new year. The very “Best of Dining” is the vitality of the local restaurant scene.

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