Beth Harris

Owner, Relish
Jeffery johnston

How did you start Relish? My husband and I had a garden center, The Garden Gates, and I ran my business out of the Creole cottage on the property. When our lease came up for renewal we decided we had to move on. My husband still runs The Garden Gates landscaping business and I moved to my current location, right in the heart of Old Metairie.

What kind of store is it? It’s an international lifestyle store with goodies handpicked from across the globe.

What items do you sell? We offer Bella Notte linens, home décor, clothing, shoes, jewelry and gifts.

What’s unique about your store? I travel to Europe twice a year to seek out things that we just don’t have at market here in the United States.

Why the name Relish? Relish to me means ‘‘enjoyment” or “to treasure,” and my greatest pleasure is when my customer goes home happy, loving what she found.

What are you favorite things in store right now? That’s hard … maybe Mathilde, a French fragrance line that we carry exclusively here in Louisiana. Also, all the spring clothes are going to be fantastic.

What are you excited about? I have a new jewelry line coming from Moldova. It consists of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They are poppy flowers that are hand sewn from gorgeous fabrics. I am completely obsessed with them right now.

Also, I just returned from Paris last week, so fall fashion. It won’t ship until July, but I’m so excited about it.


600 Metairie Road, Metairie
(877) 780-6699


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