David and Lynne Gibbons planned a sleepover for their kids and asked two other couples over for dinner after the game. Voila! An instant party.

Beau Gibbon’s team, the Cowboys, won the game, so tonight will be a celebration. If you’ve ever been connected with the Boosters, you know that Carrollton Boosters Baseball takes up most of your summer evenings, with everyone cheering on the player in your family. It is always hot, but at least there’s usually a breeze at the newly built facility at “The Fly” at Audubon Park. Entertaining usually revolves around the games and the parents who are involved.

The kids will eat at the ballpark; when at home they’ll get showers and play video games together.

For the adults, do everything ahead of time. Create a rose-covered chair and umbrella to which you can add a flower-and-tulle-bedecked tool caddy filled with snacks for the kids and a decorated koozie. Set the table and add flowers in vases. Go to your favorite take-out places (like Langenstein’s, Big Fisherman Seafood and Pepperoni’s Café). Pick up tomato-basil soup, olive bread, boiled shrimp, Cobb salad and “Nutty Buddies” for dessert.

What a fun way to make the game more exciting: ending a great game with great friends enjoying dinner.