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We all know how important our policemen and women are to our city, and we want to thank them for their service! You can get involved by supporting the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation. Thanks to our cover models, NOPJF Executive Committee and Development Committee Member Tom Winingder, NOPJF CEO Melanie Talia, NOPJF Board Chair Gregory Rusovich, NOPD Superintendent of Police Michael Harrison, NOPJF Executive Committee Member and Development Committee Chair Karen DeBlieux and NOPJF Vice Chair Rick Haase. They are bringing you their gala luncheon and awards ceremony “Stake Out for Justice” on Wednesday, November 1, at the Sheraton Hotel. This is the largest fundraiser for the NOPJF, so you want to support this now! Each year the luncheon features a celebrity speaker – this year it’s Heather Mac Donald, American political commentator and journalist, and author of the book War on Cops; Frank Stewart will be Honorary Chair. There is an award ceremony and recognition of NOPD.

NOPJF is dedicated to preventing crime, saving lives and making our community a safer and better place to work, live and visit by assisting NOPD with resources not available from the City of New Orleans.

With summer in full swing, you’ll want to check out What’s Hot for Summer Style: featuring hats, handbags and more! The heat in our favorite city is making us all want to pamper ourselves. Be sure to read all about it our feature on Summer Self-Pampering highlighting more than 10 considerations for looking & feeling your best.

Many of us are true collectors of fabulous art and the place to start here is Julia Street! Our feature this month showcases eight stops along this street to get you started. And on that note, look to our second annual feature, this year spotlighting local collectors Diane Genre, Quinn Peeper and Robert Phillips.

Make sure to keep cool as our summer heats up!

Bev's Note

Beverly Reese Church

Bev's Note
A Tribute to Nancy Meyers Marsiglia


Nancy Marsiglia was one of a kind – intelligent, loyal, feisty, kind, always helping the underdog and fiercely loyal and devoted to her family. With all of the causes she spearheaded, and there were many, her devotion to creating better early childhood education was a true passion; for instance, she was a founding member of the Louisiana Policy Institute for Children. She actively served on many boards, including Women of the Storm, Audubon Institute, Louisiana Children’s Museum, Agenda for Children, The New Orleans Council for Young Children and Greater New Orleans Foundation.

I want to share a quote from Clancy Dubos, who gave the eulogy at Nancy’s funeral: “We all like to think we’re going to leave the world a better place, but only a few can truly be said to have enriched an entire community. Civic and political activist Nancy Marsiglia was among those few. In actions great and small, she inspired and empowered a generation of women and changed New Orleans very much for the better.”

Nancy’s love for her family came first; she adored her husband Mike, her two sons Joe and Mikey, and Mikey’s wife Jennifer and her three grandchildren. We all loved Nancy and will miss her so much; what a loss for our city and our nation!


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