New Orleans is known for its revelry. When it comes to a New Orleans wedding, the party lives up to the city’s reputation. It’s probably safe to say that no couple wants their wedding to be thought of as boring.

Over the past few wedding seasons, couples have amped up the guest-friendly elements of their Big Day with photo booths, flip books, different types of food and beverage bars and “make your own” options, and of course no NOLA wedding would be complete without a second line.

Recently, we experienced something we think could change the reception game completely – virtual reality arcades. The VR arcades, like VR Arcade NOLA, are easily set up in any type of area or reception location. In addition to or instead of a photo booth, give your guests the option to jump into a virtual game like Fruit Ninja. Some companies even have the capability to personalize the games and options that guests can experience to match a specific theme.

The games are typically set for a few minutes per person, which help keep the line moving and keeps your guests entertained.

Bringing this experience into a bachelor or bachelorette party or couples shower can add an element of fun and competition, by pitting bride against groom or groomsmen versus bridesmaids.


Did you add an extra element like a VR arcade to your wedding? Let us know in the comments.



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