Big Easy Bucha

Austin Sherman and Alexis Korman had the idea of bringing New Orleans its very own brand of Kombucha, a probiotic drink that has become a big trend in the health beverage industry. Sherman, with a background in the food and beverage industries, and Korman, a journalist, were well-suited to launching a kombucha business in the Deep South.

Kombucha Basics
Kombucha is on the forefront of the fermented foods movement, which also includes trendy dishes such as kimchi, kefir and tempeh. Sherman notes that these and other health foods have had significant market gains compared to processed foods. This interest in fermented foods in particular, as well as a greater interest in health and wellness overall, has helped make Big Easy Bucha a hot product.

Bucha in NOLA
Sherman is quick to note that the production of Big Easy Bucha was his wife’s idea (also pictured). They made a batch, got some great feedback and decided to see whether New Orleans was ready for its own blend. Due to the positive demand, it looks like Big Easy Bucha has struck a chord with the health-conscious southerners demographic.
Big Easy Bucha is the first local brand for New Orleans, and its flavors – Jazz Juice Tea and Cajun Kick – reflect that background. While Sherman admits that this early success is great, he also adds that scaling up the company to meet demand has been one of the trickier parts of running the business.

Cocktail Mixer
Because this is New Orleans, Sherman notes that his kombucha has another use: It’s featured in cocktail recipes. Big Easy Bucha can serve as a low-sugar alternative to cocktail mixers. And the Cajun Kick flavor, for instance, is made with freshly pressed ginger and can serve as a substitute for ginger beer.

Future of Big Easy Bucha
Big Easy Bucha is already a regional market leader. Sherman also notes that he may build a brewery in New Orleans that people can visit, as many customers have expressed an interest in touring their kombucha facilities.
“We hope to be the premium kombucha brand of the south,” Sherman says. 

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