Ahead of the big Saints game Sunday – or what should have been a great, big game – against the Atlanta Falcons, one member of the Who Dat Nation had cause for celebration. Saints coach Sean Payton proposed to longtime girlfriend and former Miss West Virginia Skylene Montgomery at Longway Tavern on Friday night.

While we are happy for our Saints coach and his new fiancée, it got us thinking back to a topic we’ve covered a few times on “Let Them Eat Cake” – themed weddings and wedding-related events. While we know Coach Payton’s wedding will have many Saints players in attendance, we’re pretty sure it won’t have a Saints theme. However, football season does help a little when planning a themed wedding-related event or party.

While adding anything other than the colors of black and gold to the actual wedding could get cheesy, there is a little more leeway when the theme is attached to engagement parties or other wedding events.

Things to remember:

  • If it is a more formal event, stick to the basics like colors and maybe a fleur de lis here or there.
  • If you’re not going with a football theme or planning the event to coincide with a game, it may be nice to have a TV on somewhere near the party. This is the South after all.
  • On that same note, if planning an event where the game is not the main event or a side activity, be sure when you are planning to consider and avoid game times and weekends if possible. The sports fans in your life will appreciate your efforts.
  • If the shower or party is centered around the big game however, a little cheese in the theme is accepted and makes it easier to decorate. Go full tailgate and make it a “Honey-Do BBQ” or take in a college night game and bring your engagement party back to your college glory days with a ‘90s or 2000s theme.


The possibilities can be endless, but just keep in mind when you’re planning on having your event and determine whether or not getting cheesy is appropriate.


And congratulations again to Coach Payton and Skylene Montgomery and their upcoming Who Dat “I Do”!