NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Bike Easy announced resources to help the biking community get back to normal post Hurricane Ida. Their goal is to make sure all bikers are safe while navigating New Orleans and the surrounding region.

Check out a Post-Ida Map of Biking Resources in New Orleans which shows you where to find:

  • Bike Shops (open since the storm)
  • Meal Distribution Centers
  • Community Fridges
  • Charging & Cooling Stations
  • Bike Fixit Stations

With so much to clean up after the storm, it’s more important than ever to make sure you can see and be seen while biking at night. Bike Easy wants everyone to make sure to have working front and rear lights on your bike, which is why they hosted a Bike Light Giveaway this past Friday in Central City. Stay tuned, as they’ll announce another bike light giveaway later this week!

ICYMI – Blue Bikes returned to the streets of New Orleans just before nature intervened and knocked out the power. After going dark along with the rest of the region, Blue Bikes are now restored and ready to ride. Go to or download the app, and you’ll be ready to go. Just remember to stay safe and watch for debris!

It’s also a great time to donate a bike to #BikeMatchNola. If you have an older bike that needs some work, they’ll take it, repair it and find it a new owner. And if you need a bike, they’ll match you with one in your size (if available). Check it out here!

The Bike Easy staff has also been able to scout some popular bike routes and destinations to check on the level of debris impeding safe travel by bike. As of this time, they can report the following areas safe to bike in New Orleans:

  • City Park
  • French Quarter
  • Moonwalk / downtown river trail
  • Marigny
  • Fountainbleu (scattered debris but passable)
  • Gentilly Blvd / Bayou Road

Let them know on Bike Easy’s social media if any of your favorite bike routes are free and clear. Make sure to watch out for tree limbs, downed lines, and other potential hazards.

If you encounter debris blocking any bikeways, please report it to 311 either by phone, text, or online. To text 311, text Hello to 311937.

Let’s keep looking out for one another, clean up our streets, rebuild and roll together into the cooler weather ahead!