Timothy Harlan is Medical Director for Tulane's Medical Group. Dr. Harlan, also known as Dr. Gourmet, was a restaurant owner and chef before becoming a physician. With his extensive culinary knowledge and love for cooking, Dr. Harlan is helping develop and promote Tulane Medical Center's new Center for Culinary Medicine. Tulane has formed a unique partnership with the Johnson and Wales College of Culinary Arts to educate medical students about the important roles healthy diets play in patients' overall health.

Culinary professionals and students from Johnson and Wales will train medical students how to prepare healthy meals so they can better advise patients how to cook nutritious, delicious food. Listen as Dr. Harlan explains this unique program. As America grapples with an epidemic of obesity and associated chronic diseases, the critical role food choices play in long-term health is apparent. The Center for Culinary Medicine will unite the medical and culinary communities to help medical students and their patients understand the vital relationship between good cooking, good nutrition, and good health.

In this podcast, Dr. Harlan explains this groundbreaking program and tells you where you can find information about how to prepare nutritious meals. Listen to the interview here.