NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Blue Bikes is proud to announce a new fleet of e-bikes will be hitting Crescent City streets starting Thursday, Feb. 6. The new JUMP Blue Bikes will feature an e-assist that provides a boost every time you pedal – making biking more accessible to a wider range of people with different abilities and ages, while also helping people bike longer distances.

Riders will also benefit from a new, improved JUMP mobile app as well as the ability to rent bikes directly through the Uber app, since Blue Bikes and JUMP joined the Uber family last year. With more modes of transportation in one place, it becomes even easier to get around without a car. Riders with an existing Uber account can simply log-in to one of the apps or create a new account after downloading the JUMP or Uber app.

The e-bikes are an investment in expanding access to Blue Bikes across the city. With the electric pedal-assist, JUMP has seen e-bikes generate more usage than pedal-only bikeshare programs, with e-bike trips averaging longer than pedal-only trips. In the coming months, the Blue Bikes service area will expand to new parts of the city, including the 7th Ward, Central City, the West Bank, Gert Town, Carrollton, Broadmoor, Riverbend and Uptown.

Blue Bikes is committed to supporting those most in need of affordable transportation and prices in the Blue Bikes for All program for low-income riders will remain the same. For $20 per year, riders in this program receive 60 minutes of ride-time per day with $0.10/a minute after the initial hour. A monthly plan will be offered to New Orleans residents, with $30 a month allowing 60 minutes of ride-time per day. For tourists and riders who prefer a pay-as-you-go option, the price will be $0.25 a minute without any sign-up fee. More details on the plans are available at

With JUMP products now in nearly 30 cities globally, riders will be able to get around just as easily when traveling to those cities as you can when at home in New Orleans – and tourists from cities like London, Berlin, San Francisco and Austin will be able to seamlessly ride Blue Bikes when visiting New Orleans.