Managing Partner, Paradigm Plus Consulting; President, New Orleans Library Foundation Board of Directors

President of the New Orleans Library Foundation Board of Directors and Managing Partner of Paradigm PLUS Consulting, Bob Brown has his fair share of busy days. His company provides comprehensive consulting services to government agencies on conflict resolution, consensus building and culture change. Brown chooses this line of work, as well as his position as President of the Board because his work “marries [his] enjoyment of human interaction with the satisfaction that comes from helping clients find their own best path to their desired objectives.”

As well as keeping busy with work, he’s stubbornly optimistic about New Orleans. He believes that “the city and the region are on the threshold of a transformative rejuvenation. Business, industry, education, cultural offerings, infrastructure – all appear to be moving rapidly towards robust heath.” His work as a partner of his consulting firm and President of the Board only reflects these hopes in his desire to participate actively and positively in his community.

As president of the New Orleans Public Library Foundation Board of Directors, Bob Brown hopes that the Foundation will strengthen its support and advocacy, including broadening resources, reinforcing existing programs and promoting staff development to make the New Orleans Public Library System among the best in the United States.