Dr. Bobby Savoie
President, Geocent


Education: Ascension Catholic High School; Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from LSU; MBA at Loyola University; Ph.D in Engineering from University of New Orleans.
Family: Wife, Lori and their children reside in New Orleans.
Mentor: John Grey, former Vice-President of the Energy Council, Ambassador Bill Wilson and my grandfather, who taught me my work ethic.


Dr. Bobby Savoie considers himself a problem solver. As president of Geocent, a technology and engineering firm, he tackles important problems. Whether it’s a $700 million contract with the United States Navy or helping NASA make a manned space flight program a reality, Bobby is bringing sharp engineering talent to the state and elevating New Orleans as a forerunner in the technology field.
The Donaldson, La. native started his own engineering consulting company in 1986 before merging it to form Science & Engineering Associates. As CEO, he grew it from $13 million to $124 million in five years. After he sold it, he bought a local technology company in 2008 and formed Geocent.

How do you feel about the technology sector in New Orleans? There have been so many young people moving to this area, and they are rebuilding the heart and soul of the city from a technology basis. I’m more excited now about the future of the city than I have been in my entire life.

To what do you credit Geocent’s success? Good relationships and we outworked everybody.


What is your proudest accomplishment? At the age of 52, I got my Ph.D.


What is your favorite piece of technology? My smartphone.


What does receiving the NASA Public Service Medal mean to you? Of all the awards I have won in my life, that meant more to me because it was a recognition by people whom I have enormous respect for…and it says that I have contributed to something that I think matters to this country.


Why is it important for you to give back? Whatever good fortune you had in life should be shared with the next generation. My family has always done that.


 Are you helping improve your industry? We’re working with the University of New Orleans to enhance their outreach to more minority students because not enough go into computer science in this city.


What other volunteer work do you do? I am proud to serve on the boards of Loyola University, University of New Orleans Foundation, Ochsner Foundation and the Board of Trustees at the National World War II Museum.


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Bobby Savoie