Bon Vivant: Cozy Countdown

With long waits for taxis (and Uber and Lyft surge pricing), unpredictable weather and the disappointment when that allegedly fabulous event you commit to winds up being a dud, a night in for New Year’s Eve sounds more and more appealing. You could, for example, spring for the Galatoire’s Roaring ‘20s Moet & Chandon New Year’s Eve Dinner and Party and a cushy hotel room for the evening, which sounds like a swanky way to ring in the new year, but staying in can be just as chic.

For those not so interested in cooking, a quick call to your favorite local catering company — or order placed (early) through food delivery apps such as Postmates or WAITR — and dinner is served.

A champagne tasting is on the schedule at my house. After a quick walk to Martin’s Wine Cellar on Baronne Street, we’ll be all set for bubbles well past midnight. The food menu begins with a charcuterie and cheese plate for snacking. Next, I’ll serve cornbread pancakes with caviar from Chef Justin Devillier’s new book, “The New Orleans Kitchen: Classic Recipes and Modern Techniques for an Unrivaled Cuisine.” Finally, for dinner, a house favorite: filet mignon with mustard cream sauce and wild mushrooms with roasted root vegetables. For dessert, I might bring out a little Lillet Blanc.

If I end up shorting us in the champagne department, never fear, the alcohol delivery service Drizly will come to the rescue and the front door with a fresh bottle. The delivery service gets your order to you within an hour and you remain off the roads.

Our playlist is still in progress and I’ll likely have a movie on tap as well, just in case. Either way, watching the Crescent City Countdown fleur de lis drop and fireworks on TV in the comfort and convenience of home with a glass of chilled bubbly sounds like the perfect way to welcome 2020.

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