Bon Vivant Essential List: Candles, Coffee and a Chic Club

Image Courtesy Hotel St Vincent
Photo from Hotel St. Vincent


The heat finally engulfed and charred to pieces the scant remnants of my life force still barely clinging on at the end of July. We are barely into August and yet, mentally, I’m fleeing into autumn. Instagram helps with this endeavor. Here are a few items I gifted myself and one cool place I’ve added to my must-do list to daydream my way into lower temperatures.


Warm scents: Honey + Bourbon scented, hand-poured, coconut soy wax candles from The Collective Shop.


Hot drinks: Single-origin Peruvian fair-trade and organic Paradigm Shift signature roast from the Antidote Juice with Hey! Coffee.


Hotspot: The chic, moody, guest-only Chapel Club at the Hotel St. Vincent. (For those with a delicate constitution, the artwork might cause pearl clutching, so consider yourself warned.)


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