The Incomparable Magazine Street

by John Magill, Photography by Margot Landen

Take a virtual stroll through history along Magazine Street, New Orleans’ celebrated and six-mile stretch of shops, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, groceries and so much more. The Incomparable Magazine Street gives readers a glimpse into the past with historic photos, advertisements and documents, along with side-by-side comparison of the streetscapes both then and now. While some locations have been completely transformed, like the former Magazine Street Market in the lower garden district, others remain delightfully unchanged (check out the 1940’s version of Casamento’s restaurant with a photo from today). Author and New Orleans historian John Magill and award-winning photographer Margot Landen highlight one of the most important commercial streets in New Orleans, and celebrate the uniqueness that makes it so enduring.




Book Reviews

Leonardo da Vinci

by Walter Isaacson

Best-selling author, New Orleans native and Tulane University history professor Walter Isaacson has profiled some of the most influential figures in history, from Benjamin Franklin to Steve Jobs. His latest biography offers a meaningful look at a true genius, Leonardo da Vinci. Isaacson parallels da Vinci’s work as a scientist with his work as an artist, and defines him as a creative and innovative outsider. Da Vinci’s life, through Isaacson’s lens, is an inspiring example of marching to the beat of one’s own drum.




Book Reviews

Cityscapes of New Orleans

by Richard Campanella

Uptown, downtown; riverside, lakeside; mapping and navigating New Orleans has its own unique language. Tulane School of Architecture geographer Richard Campanella explores the faubourgs, rues and wards that reflect the city’s long history and culture from France, Spain and the Caribbean. Visitors will learn the inside information on the stories that surround the city (why are medians called “neutral grounds”?). Locals will enjoy learning the how’s and whys that have created the streetscapes surrounding the landscape of New Orleans (What’s the story on the Canal Street sinkhole?).




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