The 1868 St. Bernard Parish Massacre

by Chris Dier

The History Press


Chalmette High School history teacher Chris Dier explores a tumultuous chapter in the history of his home parish. While the subject matter is difficult, there are many lessons to be learned. The book recounts the days before the presidential election of 1868. Newly freed black men had gained the right to vote, and an angry mob gathered late one night to murder the freed people in an attempt to squash their votes. Though not widely reported at the time, the shameful and tragic event would impact the area and the larger south for decades.




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Eclipse Alley

by David Fulmer

Crescent City Books


Eclipse Alley is the sixth title in the Valentine St. Cyr mystery series by David Fulmer. Set in 1916 Storyville-era New Orleans, the murder of a prominent citizen near the Red Light District grips the town. It is up to detective St. Cyr and his ally in the police department to put the pieces of the puzzle, and the pieces of the corpse, together. Punctuated with plenty of jazz, whiskey, saucy strumpets and Storyville lore, Eclipse Alley provides a mysterious glimpse into a fictional New Orleans underworld that will have readers reading late into
the night.




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The Louisiana Urban Gardener

by Kathryn Fontenot

LSU Press


The beginning months of the new year mean planning for gardeners. The Louisiana Urban Gardener by LSA AgCenter professor and extension associate Kathryn Fontenot provides essential information to help gardeners in challenging city environments. Tips specifically focused on our unique environment include: choosing the best location, soil preparation, managing pests, insects and weeds, and inspiration from some of the best gardens in the area. Fontenot’s guide will help guide your garden to a bountiful harvest throughout the growing season.




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