Buildings of New Orleans

by Karen Kingsley and Lake Douglas

University of Virginia Press

“Building of New Orleans” is a unique, in-depth guidebook that encourages New Orleanians to be a tourist in their own hometown, and beyond. Written by Tulane University Professor Emerita Karen Kingsley and Lake Douglas, Associate Dean for Research and Development LSU’s College of Art and Design, Buildings of New Orleans explores the historic neighborhoods of the city, from the Vieux Carre to Uptown and the Lakefront. Each neighborhood includes a map with highlighted places of interest, facts and a history of each landmark. Day trips include Jefferson and St. Bernard Parishes, as well as the Mississippi River Delta and Upriver to the East and West Banks. Full of facts, information and trivia, this is the kind of book you’ll want to stash in your day tripping bag or glove box for easy reference.


The Queen’s Embroiderer

by Joan DeJean

Bloomsbury Publishing

The lure of fast money, the founding of New Orleans, expensively embroidered fabric and global financial crisis: historic non-fiction novel The Queen’s Embroiderer reads like a riveting page turner ripped from today’s headlines. French historian Joan DeJean explores 17 and 18th century Paris and Louisiana, following star-crossed lovers Louise Magoulet and Louis Chevrot, as they fight against family, tradition and country in order to stay together against a backdrop of colonial settlement and the rich excesses of French royalty.


Running on the Roof of the World

by Jess Butterworth

Algonquin Young Readers

“Running on the Roof of the World” is the perfect summer novel for young middle-grade readers, with a true tale of adventure and courage, halfway around the world. Set against the Himalayan mountain-scape of Tibet and India, young heroine Tash must learn to navigate a world full of harsh rules, religious freedom and government resistance. A story told with hope and compassion, author, and New Orleans resident, Jess Butterworth lends her own experiences of growing up between Great Britain and India and hearing stories passed down from her grandmother, friends and villagers.


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