Fried Oysters With Brie

8 large Louisiana oysters
Peanut oil for frying
Corn flour
Corn meal
French Brie (rather firm and not too ripe)
½ pound spinach leaves, cleaned
Salt and pepper to taste

Drain oysters well.
Sauté spinach in a small amount of butter for 2 to 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Drain well.
Mix corn flour with a small amount of corn meal (the corn meal is just for a little crunch).
Trim rind off the sides of Brie, but leave the top rind intact. Cut into 8 1-inch squares.
Season the oysters with salt and pepper and fry them in peanut oil at 360 degrees until crispy.
Place four “coins” of sautéed spinach on each plate and top with one fried oyster.
Flatten each square of the Brie slightly with your thumb and press down gently over each oyster with the white facing up.
Place plates in a hot oven until the Brie melts and starts to run down on to the spinach.

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