Why do you do what you do? My family has a special passion for fine jewelry; we have owned and operated our business for four generations since 1933.

What’s popular at the moment? Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are very popular. During our buying seasons we go directly to the cutters to pick through thousands of stones to find the select few that satisfy our standards.

Would you recommend buying any particular stones now? Emeralds; we have seen a steady increase in their value over the past couple of years with no indication of that trend slowing down.

What will be popular for the holidays? Diamond stud earrings are very popular from us because of the rigorous standards we apply when looking at the cut of the diamond.

Tell us about the favorite piece that you’ve sold? Reworking a large jadeite ring into a platinum dinner ring with custom cut diamonds.

What are your favorite items in the store right now? The new L’Amour Crisscut diamond is one of the most unique diamond cuts I have ever seen. It’s an elongated shape that’s cut to show the diamond 50 percent larger than the actual weight of the stone is. We have a 4.21 carat stone that looks like a 7.00 carat diamond.

Tell us the biggest mistake to make when purchasing jewelry? Buying a piece of jewelry or a diamond off of the Internet, because it doesn’t come with the care and service jewelry needs.

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