Last week, Mandy Wienhusen announced she took ownership of  Town & Country Bridal on St. Charles Avenue. Though the move surprised some, the new ownership and partnering of Town & Country and Blanc Bridal Couture seemed like a no brainer to Wienhusen.

And the new owner is no newbie to the New Orleans bridal scene, as co-founder and former co-owner of The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe, Wienhusen is a great fit to continue on the legacy of the Thornburg and Swords family.

Let Them Eat Cake chatted with Wienhusen about the new business venture and what we can expect from Town & Country and Blanc Bridal Couture.


Let Them Eat Cake: What are you most excited about with this new venture with Town & Country Bridal?

Mandy Wienhusen: I’m most excited to carry on the New Orleans bridal tradition that is Town & Country. Generations of women have been styled by T&C for the most important days of their lives. It gives me goosebumps to think of the grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters who can all collectively say, ‘I was a Town & Country bride.’


LTEC: How did this come about? 

MW: I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Thornburg and Swords family over the past few years. Through our friendship, we mutually decided that it was perfect timing and the right fit for the future of Town & Country.


LTEC: What can brides and families who know T&C expect from you as the new owner?

MW: Brides and families can still expect an extensive collection of high quality designer gowns, a charming atmosphere and the all around magic that is Town & Country. Under my ownership, I intend to bring a modern, fresh aesthetic, new emerging designers and a one-of-a-kind personalized styling experience. 


LTEC: What is the partnership with Blanc Bridal Couture? 

MW: Blanc Bridal Couture was the ‘new girl in town’ with a collection of well edited, on trend designs. I just knew that if Blanc were paired with Town & Country, the New Orleans bride could find everything she needed in one place–the classic beauty of Town & Country and the modern, chic elegance of Blanc Bridal Couture. So that’s what we did. Our bride can now experience both collections under one roof at 1514 St. Charles Ave.


LTEC: How will this partnership expand T&C?

MW: Our bridal designer lineup will nearly double. Whether you’re going for a simple, clean look, an over-the-top princess moment, boho-chic, glamorous, sweet or traditional — we have a gown for you.


LTEC: What new things can we expect from T&C?

MW: New designers, a new look (think lots of white and chandeliers galore) and a revamped ready-to-wear boutique filled with cocktail and day dresses, jewelry and shoes for every occasion. 



Town & Country Bridal and Blanc Bridal Couture will both be housed at the 1514 St Charles Ave location. 504-523-7027.