The holiday season is here and with it comes your usual gift giving, plus engagements aplenty. Many stores have wedding registry-like items for brides and grooms, but what about the recently engaged or holiday gifting that is a little less serious, affording the opportunity for a light-hearted gift? Boutiques around the city have myriad options for a festive gift or congratulatory present for your newly-engaged friends and family.

First, the team at Lucy Rose on Magazine Street and Metairie Road not only have great wedding gifts, but also holiday and baby gifts in general. Our first highlight is something every couple needs — post- engagement party, bridal shower or wedding day: thank you cards. Lucy Rose features navy, gold and pink thank you note cards that are simple, yet elegant and can match any color scheme. Each pack has 50 cards and envelopes, which may mean you need more than one box depending on the number of guests invited, and a gold foil detail around the edge.

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Another Lucy Rose gift we like are the “Got Real” Styrofoam cups. There are 10 cups in a pack, or sleeve, and each can hold 16 ounces for a rowdy engagement party or to continue the wedding theme to an after party. Lucy Rose has a couple of different Styrofoam cup designs, but we thought these added a little more humor to the mix.

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Phina, on Veterans Boulevard and Metairie Road has a large “Bride” beaded clutch. Carrying a big purse or bag that may not match isn’t ideal for a bride that thought out each outfit for every event. We love the beaded detail, and the white and gold color scheme is sure to complement any bridal outfit.

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Also at Phina are round “Mr.” or “Mrs.” ring trays. Keeping your rings safe is an important task, but that doesn’t mean the container has to be chunky or ugly. Pair a ring cleaner kit with these ring holders for a little congratulatory engagement gift.

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Kelly here – I’ve been shopping for a lot of engagement presents and wedding-related Christmas presents lately, and have seen many of the above mentioned items – as well as having bought a few. Stay tuned for more posts about my shopping adventures and additional local stores with wedding products and gifts .