Bubbles and Bliss

As Sylvia Plath said, “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”

Cleopatra indulged in her honey and milk baths daily; the Turks and the Romans pretty much invented the spa. If you look at bathing scenes woven into some Gothic tapestries it leaves no doubt that bathing was indulged in with equal gusto by princes and paupers. The art of bathing in water has always been essential to one’s good health and peace of mind. Taking a bath can help you relax and, although calming, can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated as well.

7 reasons that you should take a bath right now:

1. It Feels Good. This may sound a bit simplistic, but the fact is that a bath does all kinds of wonderful things for your skin and body when you’re using the right products – this is really important: the right products. Investing in the proper bubble bath solution ensures that you don’t strip your skin of what it needs. My absolute personal favorite is anything by Kneipp (available at The Ritz Spa, Earthsavers or www.kneipp.com), especially the lavender, eucalyptus and arnica. The non-oily highly concentrated essential oils will have you hooked without delay.

2. You Can Lock the Bathroom Door.
I would also recommend a big sign on the door that says: “Do not disturb unless you’re bleeding.” This is a perfect excuse for private time – you time. Lock the door and don’t have one regret. Set the stage and add a candle. Try the signature candle from Hazelnut: an amazing blend of berries, pear, grapefruit and rhubarb. Also, because the door is locked, you can sing and no one can stop you.

3. You Can Think.
An amazing thing will occur in your bath amongst your bubbles: You’ll think. Ponder thinking without having a phone attached to an ear, no computer screen to stare at, no pets or children jumping – just think without distractions. I always find a small piece of my mind that had been crushed by the cacophony of life and technology in my bath. Sometimes it’s nice just to do nothing but contemplate my toes and think about lovely nail colors. (Look for bold sorbet like colors for spring. OPI just launched its Spring Texas theme, and I really like the bright hues.)

4. You’ll Look Younger. In addition to the lovely flush you’ll get from all that steam and warmth, your skin will soften and become smoother. Try using a sugar scrub, such as Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Scrub (Ulta.com), or add a handful of natural sugar to your favorite bath gel. Exfoliating can reduce the look of fine lines and other signs of aging, leaving you feeling and looking years younger.

5. You’ll Get a Good Night’s Sleep.
Bathing has been proven to lead to a better night’s rest and, for some, even cure insomnia. Take a bath before bedtime and you’ll get a more restful night of sleep. Try the Kneipp Lavender or Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Night Health bath oil (www.origins.com), which has lavender, chamomile and mandarin essential oils to help you rest.

6. You Will be Free of Stress.
A bath actually lowers blood pressure and provides an excellent respite from your busy routine. Add a little Rachmaninoff, Chopin or even Pink Floyd; any music from your playlist can be pure bliss.

7. Champagne Tastes Better in a Bath. So does red wine, lemonade, limeade, iced coffee, green tea or whatever else you decide to bring into your sanctuary. And, you don’t have to share – not one little bit.

When life gets hectic you need a moment to slow down, go take a deep soak and just relax – you can thank me when you get out of the tub!

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