Have you ever been to a reception or wedding festivity and noticed the bar was running a little low on supplies? It happens more often then you may think, but what can you do to plan ahead? It could cost an enormous amount of money in extra liquor, wine, etc. to prepare for this possibility ahead of time – leaving you with copious amounts of leftover drinks – or guests could be left waiting around during an event for someone to return from a supply run.

A new service is now available in New Orleans that could fix any and all libation issues for weddings and special events. Drizly is a nation-wide company dedicated to quick and easy, on-demand alcohol services. Shop online or on the Drizly mobile app through sections of wine, beer and liquor, make your selections, pay and have your order delivered to you in less than an hour. The company partnered with local stores so customers can shop through Drizly and have their purchases come from retailers in the city, including Brady’s Wine Warehouse and Pearl Wines.

A feature perfect for parties leading up to the wedding is the option to pick the day and time you would like your order  delivered.  Throwing a bridal shower and don’t have time to pick up the champagne? Schedule a Drizly delivery prior to the event and scratch that off of your to-do list.

Because of it’s assurance to deliver within the hour, not only is Drizly perfect for a wedding reception or other party running low on alcohol, but it can be the perfect surprise for an impromptu date night. Order from Drizly at work and have your delivery arrive when you get home.

The app and website are user-friendly and super convenient. With 18 different types of beer (multiple labels in each type), 28 types of wine (both red, white and rose’) and 17 types of liquor, Drizly is bound to have exactly what you need to keep the party going.

Bubbly by Drizly Bubbly by Drizly