Business Update: Exterior Designs, Inc. By Beverly Katz

NEW ORLEANS – No job is too big or small! Mowing, pruning, cleaning, refurbishing, courtyards, outdoor dining rooms. Exterior Designs by Beverly Katz specializes in transforming outdoor areas into additional living space. As a full-service contractor, our landscaping services are designed to see your project from conception to completion. From landscape design to permit acquisition, construction and management, we offer a wide range of services to see your project through. We offer our landscaping services in and around New Orleans, LA. Contact us today to request a risk-free consultation. Problem yards are our specialty!


Continuing to provide regular services including: refurbishing gardens, designing small courtyards and monthly maintenance.

Any of these services sound like something you’ve been needing?

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Business Update: Exterior Designs, Inc. By Beverly Katz