Each year, The Wedding Report, Inc. puts out different statistical information on the weddings held around the country. The year 2016, overall, saw many changes in the wedding world from the size of a wedding to the type of décor. For its final report of 2016, some of the information about New Orleans weddings surprised us.

The New Orleans metropolitan area (Metairie, Kenner, etc.) saw 8,502 weddings in 2016, with 11 percent happening in Orleans Parish. Even more surprising, given our tumultuous climate and lean toward dramatically hot summers, was that the highest percentage of those 2016 Big Easy weddings were held in June. The months that saw the least amount of “I Dos” were the only two months that potentially see colder weather, February and December.

Another surprise showed that 15 percent of the 8,077 wedding dresses purchased last year came from online retailers, and nationally flowers and invitations saw a two percent bump up while photography and planning saw the biggest decrease overall.

By The Numbers By The Numbers

A few less surprising statistics including that the national average for number of guests went down from 126 to 125, with the estimated average for New Orleans was between 119 and 129 guests. The highest percentage of weddings in the area were between people 25-29 years old at an average cost of $28,424.

The New Orleans metropolitan area saw $241,660,848 in total sales last year when it came to the wedding industry and we don’t foresee that number decreasing anytime soon. 

By The Numbers