Cake Pulls

Here in New Orleans, we like our traditions like we like our red beans. Each holiday, party and special occasion has tradition woven into every aspect. A wedding in New Orleans is no different, from the food to the second line.

A true New Orleans wedding tradition is that of the cake pull. Cake pulls can be traced back to the Victorian Era tradition of “ribbon pulling.” Ribbon pulling consisted of a bride placing a charm at the end of a ribbon and having the ribbons placed in her wedding cake. Each charm represented the good luck and good fortune that the bride wished on all of her friends.

Having seen this tradition throughout my life and participating in it for few for family members – I am three for three in pulling the ring – it’s easy to agree that it’s an endearing way of including those close to you, but who perhaps didn’t fit into your bridal party.

During the Victorian Era, there were four main charms presented during the ribbon pulling. Just as any tradition grows, these charms and symbols have also grown to include myriad options.

Here are a few charms used today and what they represent.


Rattle – the next to have a baby

Hot Air Balloon – life of adventure and travel

Butterfly – eternal beauty

Four Leaf Clover – good luck

Heart – new love

Fleur de Lis – love and prosperity

Wishbone – success

Ring – the next to wed


Local jewelry designer Mignon Faget has crafted her own set of cake pulls for the true Southern lady. You can find the following in her set:


Bean – luck

Ring – next to wed

Heart – true love

Column – stability

Crescent Moon – opportunity

Fleur de Lis – prosperity

Shell – eternal beauty

Pepper – red-hot romance

Wishbone – wish come true


You can also find cake pulls at Adler's Jewelry and online sites including and

 No matter where your cake pulls originate from, this tradition is a great way to incorporate New Orleans into your wedding. 



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