Much like wedding day pictures, engagement photos are an important element of your Big Day. These pictures can be sent to guests as “save-the-dates” or thank you cards and, because we live in the age of the Internet, seen by many on social media.

The pictures can represent the betrothed and their personality as a couple.

LTEC, chatted up photographer Mike Lirette of Red Leaf Weddings, for tips on how to plan for the perfect engagement photos.


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Most important:

Color – the colors you incorporate into your photos can add a certain feeling or style to your pictures. For a more fun and funky shoot, try matching complimentary colors (colors found on the opposite sides of the color wheel) or mix-and-match color and print. Also try bringing out different shades of a specific hue. “Colors don’t (and shouldn’t) make a difference to a skilled professional,” says Lirette. So don’t shy away from bright colors or keeping it simple with black and white. Lirette also suggests that couples choose colors that compliment each other and will essential fit into the overall look you’re trying to express.

Style and Fit– “Fit is King,” says Lirette. Having your outfits tailored to fit you perfectly will make all the difference throughout your photos. When it comes to style, Lirette says he normally recommends for the couple to have both a dressy and a casual outfit, along with two locations for the shoot. This will let you to glam out your look – think statement jewelry pieces, detailed fabrics – and then allow for a more comfortable, relaxed look. Remember your surroundings when picking your outfits. Each look should compliment your surroundings.

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-It is okay to look bridal. Don’t shy away from a fabulous white dress.

-Be practical: If it rained previously and your pictures are in a park, think about boots or rain boots and play them into your casual style.

-Be comfortable in the clothes you wear. If you are not comfortable or something doesn’t fit correctly, it will show.

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No matter what style or look you go with for your photos, remember that in the end it is about you as a couple. “Bottom line,” says Lirette “engagement sessions should be about the couple, not about what their photographer told them to wear or where he or she told them to go. Just go have some fun with your fiancé on your engagement shoot.”




All photos by Mike Lirette with Red Leaf Weddings, 504-402-7692,