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Capturing the Moment

In our era of ever-advancing technology, it’s possible now to document everything on film, and what’s more cherished than the biggest day of your life? Chad Dyle has always been interested in film, and his job is to capture the most romantic day of a bride’s life by creating a cinematic experience. Professionally trained, Dyle is an expert in his field who is able to provide brides with a piece of art and a memorable keepsake all in one.

What inspired you to go into this field? I have always been a big movie fan and had a love for filmmaking. I attended film school in Hollywood and have worked on several motion pictures in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Do you work with photographers? We are fortunate to get to work with very professional photographers. We understand that there are shots that we both need to get the complete job done, and we’re able to coordinate with each other to give the best possible product to the bride and groom.

What is a typical wedding like for you? Our wedding “days” often start the night before. Charging batteries, formatting memory cards, checking our equipment and packing everything up. The majority of our weddings include bridal preparations, so we arrive at this location a few hours before the ceremony to document the bride (and possibly groom) getting ready. We arrive about an hour before to get details there, as well as to set up for the ceremony. After the ceremony, we quickly get to the reception venue to set up before the bride and groom are introduced. We’re normally there until the end of the reception getting both details of the venue, cake, decorations, etc. … as well as concentrating on the dance floor, where all the action is!

What’s a recommended budget? Everyone has their own budget to work within, but at the end of the day, the only things you’ll have to remember your wedding with are the photos and the video. … Book vendors you trust. If a price seems to good to be true, it probably is. If you trust your vendors, this will help ease stress from the wedding day.

What are some current trends in wedding filmmaking that you’ve noticed?
There have been many things that have changed in the industry over the past few years. More companies are leaning toward DSLRs as far as shooting goes. The use of DSLRs allows us to create a more cinematic look to the wedding film. We’ve had brides watch our work at bridal shows and make comments such as, “It looks like a movie!” They might not know exactly why, but they do know that they like the look.

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