At Home Features

Bywater for bargains

Noted for its history, architectural diversity and affordable homes, Bywater is thriving.

Cooking and cleaning

Whether you’re dishing up a five-star meal or washing away the cares of a long, hard day, do it in style!

Carrollton: Many small neighborhoods

The drive down Carrollton Avenue winds past antebellum homes with graceful columns shoulder to shoulder with a variety of small businesses and a diversity of restaurants, churches and coffee shops all existing peacefully together.It’s a most pleasant ride to take…

Pool Cues

These swanky swimming pools will get you primed for summer.

Paved Paradise

Container gardening is catching on in urban areas, and Mid-City Community Garden is flourishing as a result.

Algiers Point

This historically significant neighborhood has maintained a small-town feel.

Love in the Ruins

Falling in love with a historic home can be an intense experience. A few simple tips can keep you from ending up with a broken heart and an empty wallet.

Through a Glass Smartly

Windows aren’t cheap to replace, but spending the money to do it right can save you heartache — and more money — down the line.

Spring Fever

Twin needs prompt a flurry of March activity in the garden.

Restorative Power

After Katrina, McConnell’s Furniture Refinishers Inc. went on a personal mission to help fix New Orleans, one antique at a time.

A Labor of Love

The boys and I have been reading Little House on the Prairie. They don’t seem to notice any similarities between themselves and the pioneering Ingalls children, but me and that Mrs. Ingalls? We could talk. We could definitely talk.Take the…

Enchanted Evenings

Romance is a part of New Orleans. It is everywhere. As a Southern city, it shares a certain warmth, but we are set apart by an indefinable thing that makes us special. Why not share that “specialness” with someone this…

Homegrown Solution

The lemon grass was a guess, but it was a good guess.The problem we were addressing was cats. I am not one who rejects cats out-of-hand. Their grace and stealthy affection intrigue me. In our yard are headstones memorializing two…

Two to One

On an unassuming block of Joseph Street, a former double shotgun stands, squared-off in the proportions so familiar to New Orleanians. It is the home of Lee Adler, an attorney with Phelps Dunbar LLP who specializes in business, real estate…

View from the Top

Family FestivityOn a stately Southern-style Colonial balcony, several generations of a tightly knit family gather during Carnival season. Jerry W. Kelly Sr. and his wife, Marilyn, reside in the home, along with his mother. The Kellys’ children and grandchildren can…

The House that Art Built

As most prospective homeowners will tell you, looking for the perfect house — especially your first house, because it has to be the right house — can be a frustrating process. Longtime friends Libra LaGrone and Bradley Sabin had looked…

Restoring the Past

More than three years ago, a monstrous storm blew into New Orleans and tried to wash away much of our past. It was a time of quick decisions, some life and death, and a test of our city’s spirit. Now,…

The University Section of Uptown

The University neighborhood, a small sliver of Uptown named for the various colleges and universities that exist within its boundaries, stretches along St. Charles Avenue roughly from Broadway to Calhoun streets.Its distinctive architecture ranges from the Gothic buildings of Tulane…

Royal Treat

Carnival season in New Orleans allows for colorful decorations that sometimes rival the elaborate Christmas adornments. For a glimpse of a glorious residence dressed in Mardi Gras finery, come inside Catherine Hill’s home. Located between historic buildings on grand Royal…