Bon Vivant

And They’re Off!

A gentleman’s (and ladies’) guide to doing the Kentucky Derby in New Orleans

Springing Forward

Confederate Jasmine charges through New Orleans, just in time for porch and patio season

Southern Charm

A few things you need to know about doing business with Southerners


Devoting a drawer at the office to style and mini-health emergencies

Happy Mardi Gras

Hello, readers! Bon Vivant is taking a break this week for post-Mardi Gras rest and reflection, but will return next week. If you are new to the blog or if you missed a few posts, click here for the archive…

Hotel Style

Create a bedside coffee station for a decadent wakeup call

Bonne Beauté: The nutrition and fitness edition

January is seemingly “National Finally Start Eating Healthy and Exercising Month.” So, for the final installment in my beauty series, we’re talking nutrition and fitness. (Click here for the skincare edition, here for the makeup edition and here for the hair and…

Prêt à tout

A well-stocked kitchen keeps you prepared during Carnival and beyond

Just Because

Tokens of appreciation for any occasion or none at all.

Mocktail Hour

A festive alternative to boozy beverages for occasional and lifelong abstainers

Comfort and Joy

Discovering, savoring and frequenting your happy place or places