Finest of the Fine

A dazzling display of jewelry

What color lipstick should you use?

Makeup icon Bobbi Brown once said if she “had to teach someone just one...

Puttin’ on the Glitz

Showcasing sparkle, crepe and separates from Bridal Fashion Week to WWLTV

Tossing Tradition

For some brides, it’s all about keeping the wedding simple, short and sweet

Fashion Mania

Trends, highlights and newcomers from the 2017 Fall New York Bridal Fashion Week

Perfect Timing

Your beauty countdown to the Big Day

A Guide to Hairstyles and Necklines

Choosing a wedding hairstyle to go with your dress is harder than you think.

Hair Supplement Science

As a culture, we tend to prize a full, lustrous head of hair. Excepting...

Bootie Call

Chic and sassy boots for your fall fashions

Throwing Shade

New Orleans’ Native Polish awash in fall colors

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