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Cocktail Recipe: ‘‘Tales’’ Is Very Cool

The headline tells the truth, but it isn’t something you expect to find in July in New Orleans. Staying cool in that month in this place is a challenge of the highest order. But the annual Tales of the Cocktail…

Baby Back Bliss

Coated in a spicy apple glaze, these barbecued ribs will have you in hog heaven.

Lunch With Aunt Doris

When I last had lunch with Aunt Doris, she was apologetic about what she had to offer. “This is all I have,” she said shyly. Then she placed on the table three pie pans: one filled with boudin, the other…

Recipe: A Veggie Chill Out

Eric Damidot, executive chef of Hyatt Regency New Orleans, shares 8 Block Kitchen & Bar’s Petit Ravoli de Royan Chilled Salad.

Cocktail Recipe: Cajun-American Meets Creole

Thibodaux is a bustling town comprised mostly of farmers, trappers, fishermen, petrochemical workers and college professors. Its roots are squarely Cajun. Rice and sugarcane are agriculture mainstays, and because this is Louisiana, sooner or later someone had to have the…

Lambtastic Recipe

Chef Nick Hufft’s Lamb Burger as served at Barcadia Bar & Grill and Curbside Food Trucks.

Cocktail Recipe: Nostalgia Updated and Savored

One of the most popular features of this magazine, besides this one, of course, is the Julia Street column where questions are asked and answers are provided about all matters New Orleans. Those of us madly in love with this…

New Orleans Seafood Restaurants Keep it Fresh

New Orleans has so much great seafood that sometimes it’s overwhelming. In the land of chargrilled oysters and shrimp poor boys sometimes we gravitate to our usual suspects rather than finding new fish in the sea. Here are three chefs’…

Recipes to Celebrate

Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and other upcoming celebrations call for a variety of recipes.

Gulf Coast Thanksgiving Snacks

Any way you look at it, November is the month of one of the biggest feasts of the year. Gulf Coasters do not take Big Dining lightly, and Thanksgiving is a great holiday for including all those wonderful items that…