Literary Louisiana: Roux Roots

“Gumbo Life: Tales from the Roux Bayou” by Ken Wells W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 288 p., $26.95 Cajun. Z’herbes. Duck and sausage. Shrimp and crabmeat. No matter how you like your gumbo, most Louisianians can agree that the warm…

Roadside Dining: Community Fare

When the urge strikes for a trip down to the end of the road before it falls off into the water consider a stop for a meal break in Chalmette before you head off to Delacroix and the like to…

Great Louisiana Chef: Happy Eats

Trinidad native and Ruston implant, chef Kimlin Hall, brings unique flavor to her food with a combination of Caribbean and local Louisiana ingredients and spices. Chindian Flavors, a catering business and food truck that can be found parked at the…

Kitchen Gourmet: Crawfish Feasting

Sometimes crawfish remind me of shmoos. Remember them? The small animals Al Capp introduced in his Li’l Abner comic strip in 1948. They were so accommodating they would jump into the pot and transform themselves into whatever you wanted to…

Eat Your Greens

Certain foods can trigger a jumble of memories that span decades. Often all it takes is an aroma or a taste, sometimes only a visual representation, for a lifetime of longings and loves to flood our consciousness. That is probably…

Southern Comfort

I will never forget my first experience with Doe’s Eat Place. It was the spring of 2000. I worked as a regional freelancer for Time magazine, and the editorial board had assembled a group of senior editors to travel via…

Cool Eats

Quick summer meals that go well with your favorite chilled, adult beverages

Simply Elevated

Scott Gautreau focuses on elegant, home cooked classics at City Pork in Baton Rouge

Over and Under

Overpass Merchant in Baton Rouge offers something for everyone with its global menu

Woman's Work

Female chefs are running the kitchens and changing culinary culture in a host of Louisiana’s top restaurants

easy does it

High-flavor, low-effort recipes to ease the transition from spring into summer

Powerful Hospitality

Manny Augello of Bread & Circus Provisions in Lafayette recognized by the James Beard Foundation

Born Again

Shreveport’s Cotton Boll Grill gets another lease on life

Serious Success

New Orleans Chef Kristen Essig of Coquette opens second restaurant and works for change in the industry

Crawfish Craze

Crawfish butter and three tasty recipes to curb your crustacean craving

Traveling Louisiana: Spring Adventures

  Color has returned to Louisiana after a memorable cold winter, and residents across the state are welcoming spring with open arms and open windows. As life returns to the teeming bayous and flowering gardens, life also returns to communities…

Culinary fight club

Chef Sean Rivera fights the good fight in Baton Rouge restaurant and in New Orleans’ Culinary Fight Club competition

Gumbo Party

Three satisfying gumbos that will have your friends and family coming back for seconds and thirds

Flour Power

New Orleans bread baker Graison Gill spreads the gospel of traditional bread-making

Sweet Versatility

Whether you call them yams or sweet potatoes, there’s not much you can’t do with this multipurpose root veggie

Grill Girl

Pit pioneer Carolyn Huggins Simmons bags burgers to open barbecue joint in Shreveport

Over the River

Detour away from New Orleans for an exploration of nearby historic Algiers Point